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IMG_5497IMG_5499Hello world !
My name is Mariana Gutierrez and i just realized i wanna be a Food Blogger. Why? well, i just did a 6 month solo backpacker trip, from Colombia to Mexico, and it was an eye opener experience. I realized i want to keep moving and traveling and living in different cities and countries, i want to keep exploring, eating new fruits, meeting different cultures and getting out of my comfort zone.
And then there’s food, my biggest passion since i am a kid. Cooking is something i have in my genes, my whole family cooks for a living. Every family celebration is around food and food is always the main topic in our conversations.
So writing a blog combines my two passions, y get to write it from any location, i get to share with you what i eat, i get to tell you a little bit about the places i go, the flavors and culture, and i get to learn new cooking skills and share them with you.
So right know im 31, living for a while in New York and i recently found the love of my life. Yes ! sounds like all my dreams came true. There’s one detail though: my boyfriend couldn’t care less about food.
I’m vegetarian and crazy health addict. My boyfriend is an Argentinean carnivore, horror film maker, and absolutely incapable of cooking. And it’s really frustrating not being able to share your passion with the one you love. So we’re gonna start and experiment. Wanna be part of it?
I forgot to mention that Hernan (boyfriend) and i haven’t meet in person yet. He’s coming to New York in December, so meanwhile i want to introduce him into the healthy vegetarian cooking world.
We’re gonna be making simple recipes together (via video call) and i’ll post the recipe and both results, mine and his.
The good thing is we both share the passion for movies, so we’ll also be giving you movie recommendations and reviews.
I’ll share with you guys the love, food and movies we like.

So, first things first. Grocery shopping list !
This are my basics, on a budget (Argentina has so many politic and economic problems right now, that its not easy to find all ingredients with out going broke)

1. A nice extra virgen olive oil
2. Seasonal fruits (yes, he doesn’t even eat fruits)
3. Greek or natural unsweet yoghurt
4. A good organic granola, until we live together and can make our own granola (we’ll be posting the recipe)
5. Multi cereal bread
6. Green leaves
7. Vegetables. He doesn’t like any, so the basics like onions, garlic, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, zucchini, carrots, mushrooms, etc
8. Beans, chickpeas, lentils
9. Nuts like walnuts, almonds, peanuts
10. Seeds, like sunflower, pumpkin and sesame
11. Cereals: quinoa, wild rice, cous cous, whole wheat pasta
12. Seasonings: sea salt, grain black pepper, curry, chiles, paprika, dijon mustard, coconut milk, tahini.
13. Fresh herbs
14. Raw organic honey
15. A good bottle of win, although i think we agree on this item.

And things he needs to get rid of:

1. White refined sugar
3. White rice
4. White wheat flower
5. White pasta
6. Frozen chicken (milanezas congeladas)
7. Industrial mayonaise
8. Cola Soda
9. Cream cheese
10. Soy sauce full of sodium
11. Fake mustard.

That’s it for now ! with this ingredients we’ll try to make some recipe this week and be posting about it. So talk to you soon !

This movie’s week recommendation is: Captain Fantastic !
We went to the movies with my best friend (living with her in NY) and saw it and loved it !
She’s also a film maker and she did the beautiful illustrated shopping list in this post. So this is her review :

*Still Picture – All rights reserved – http://www.bleeckerstreetmedia.com
Sweet Child O’ Mine
I recently moved to NYC and every single day starts along huge emotions embracing my new life. One of the most lovely Sundays I had since I got here was the day me and my best friend went to BAM Rose Cinemas, we had no idea how awesome this place was gonna be but it made our day (and it is in our neighborhood!). So we chose to watch Captain Fantastic just because we felt something special was going on with this film.
Since the very first image of the movie my heart got crystallized and every single scene took me away to childhood memories and  remind me of a warm safe place to be. There’s so much love on the details, script, the soundtrack, the wardrobe, art direction, photography and OMG the characters! They represent all the magical persons we ever wanted to be.
It is a complex history with many sub-stories about how to rise your children away from the capitalism system and away from what today’s society imposes you about your life. And it shows you there are ways to do it right.
So basically it’s when you want to just say: Fuck it! I just don’t want to be part of this monster anymore.
And with this movie you can travel beyond that, and think about your own decisions and about yourself. The whole movie makes you feel as “if I’d stare too long, I’d probably break down and cry” And man you cry.
It remind me of my own parents, and I understood them: They were so hippies, and so wrong. But no, they were young and they were doing the best for me, so I regretted for every mistake they made and I say, I understand you now. When you do things with your heart you can be wrong sometimes, but eventually the love will rise and it will be just fine. And I thank my parents for that.
This movie is hiper-ultra-hipster but certainly has a style blessed by God and a hypnotic way to seduce you like a Demond. So beware, you may fall in love, you may cry, but you will have a great time for sure, and you are not allowed to forget it.
Sweet love of mine.

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  1. Reblogged this on Hernan Moyano and commented:
    Estoy siendo parte de un increíble experimento que involucra comida, amor y películas. Mezcla de comedia romántica y giro del destino en este blog podrán acceder a recetas sanas y fáciles de hacer, criticas de cine y una bitacora del amor en tiempos de facetime. La impulsora de este proyecto es la maravillosa y bella Mariana Gutierrez. Siganla para seguir las actualizaciones semanales.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

  2. Soy y seré tu fan number one jajajaja!!!! I love it!!!! Congrats my sweet chiquilla!!!!!
    Eres una capa de la vida!!! Me siento afortunada de conocerte!!! Toda la energía más pura y radiante para este y todos tus proyectos!!!!

    Le gusta a 1 persona

  3. Mariana:
    Sinceras felicitaciones por tres aspectos:
    – Seguir y darle contenido a tus pasiones.
    – Haber encontrado el amor de tu vida.
    – Que te hayas decidido escribir y dejar así tu aporte a nuestras sociedades.

    Tu espacio me gusta pues comparto la pasión por los dos pilares que le sostienen. De hecho veré la película que protagoniza Mortenssen y compartiré mis impresiones por acá.

    Un abrazo siempre.

    Me gusta


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